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Molapo Technology Telecommunications Repair Services

Molapo Technology Telecommunications Repair Services

Molapo Technology Telecommunications Repair Services 

Two of the most advanced, well-equipped & sophisticated electronic workshops in Africa

This division has two of the most advanced, well-equipped and sophisticated electronic workshops in Africa. They are based in Cape Town and Pretoria, South Africa.

Each of these repair facilities is able to handle the throughput of several thousand boards per day, down to the repair of individual complex boards, including multi-layered, surface-mount technology.

In support of these workshops, there are branch offices in Durban and Port Elizabeth. We also have a number of first-line support and receipt, dispatch and screening centres in key South African and European areas to ensure world-beating turn-around times.

All repairs for our international customers, such as T Mobile, Orange, AT&T and Deutsche Telecoms, are also done in our South African workshops after being functionall tested in Molapo’s screening centres in Europe and the USA.
We also operate extensively in Africa, repairing equipment for operators in Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Malawi, Nigeria and Zambia.

Molapo is the authorised service centre for Hauwei Terminal equipment (including data cards, USB modems, handsets and fixed wireless terminals). These are routed from operators like Vodacom, MTN and Neotel to Molapo for repairs and upgrades. We also officially service all Eaton power products.

Molapo has recently acquired the P-Com division of Wave Wireless and holds all the intellectual property rights to this equipment.

At this point it is prudent to mention that, because of the large range of products we service and the privileged access we have to our clients’ intellectual property, Molapo does not supply, support or endorse and specific product, technology or brand of equipment.

Due to the economies of scale that specialist repair organisations are able to achieve, our repair costs are reduced. In addition, our overheads are amortised over a greater number and diversity of products. Then there’s the cyclical factor: in-house workshops have to cater for peak times and be prepared to lose money during quiet times; Molapo’s engineers are cross-skilled so this peak and valley effect is balanced across a large product range and idle-time costs are thus eliminated.
The cost of materials and holding them in inventory also affects the pricing of repairs. As our range of part is used across a variety of products, we need to keep fewer items in stock and this also succeeds in reducing costs.

As a specialist outsourcing repair centre we can ensure fixed costs and provide reliable turn-around-times, which permit our client to plan and budget accurately. Our turn-around-times are also positively influenced by our investment in specialist volume test and repair equipment.

As a specialist repair organisation we are better equipped to manage changes in the supply and demand cycles than an in-house workshop. At Molapo we are able to allocate additional resources, as and when required, to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations – even during emergencies.

Molapo has in-house specialist skills such as electronic engineers and technologists, which enables us to add value, particularly when introducing new technologies and designing new repair protocols. Throughout our business, the highest quality standards are applied and this is particularly true when focusing on the repairs we do.

Molapo Technology has clearly demonstrated significant reductions in the total cost of ownership while sustaining cost-efficiency of repairs for all operators and OEMs. With the implementation of an Optimised Spare Parts ethos, we can offer multi-vendor repair capabilities, providing a single-centre solution while ensuring effective and controlled data through just one source. This division also operates a sophisticated track and trace/analysis system, which can be accessed directly through the Molapo internet web page.

Some of the repairs we carry out on telecommunications technologies are:

•    EWSD
•    E10
•    IP Routers

•    Transmission
•    SDH
•    PDH microwave and minilink
•    ATM (Cisco)

•    DECT, Rurtel, DR MASS and CT2 (Lucent and Alcatel)
•    Optical networks
•    CDMA and GSM
•    SOR 18

Customer product end
•    Payphones
•    Business systems

Power Products
•    UPS
•    Battery Chargers
•    Inverters
•    Rectifiers

We also repair non-telecommunications, including
•    Point-of-sale equipment
•    Plant equipment maintenance
•    Hubs and modems

Reverse Logistics
Our experience also extends to warehouse and stock management since Molapo already performs this service for a number of operators such as Telkom, for example. Our warehousing service includes collection and delivery of product and equipment from and to specified customer locations. Storage facilities are available for buffer stock and stock awaiting shipment to OEMs for repair. A warehousing and stock management system which includes labeling and packaging is also in place.
In addition to these services, Molapo offers reverse logistics for faulty equipment.

This includes component repair and replacement, spare parts management, OEM management, and a tracking and tracing system via the Internet for all items booked for repairs. Security is paramount in ensuring optimum service to our clients.

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